Doing Some Internet Marketing Today

I started thinking about this the other day while I was on the way home. It was something which my Dad said which got me started to thinking about it. For starters you have a web page, you use it to sell stuff and in order to sell stuff on the web page you need to promote the web page so that people lay their eyes upon it. I was thinking about how to do social media marketing, but there seems to be no textbook for that. Some of the stuff says to buy twitter followers at for some reason. I can not really comment on that idea as I have not thought it out too clearly and I am not very sure of the rational reasons why you would want to do that or why you might not choose to do it. It is something that may be needed, but I have to figure out the reason why I would do it and what I would gain from it if I did do it.

The truth is that I have not ever thought much about this, because we have a marketing guy at work and he handles all of this stuff, but this something that I am doing on my own. I would go talk to him because he seems to know what he is doing and I guess that we have a good marketing plan at work, or at least we never lack for business. However this is not something that I am ready for my boss to find out about. He is not the most understanding person that you would ever met and he would probably not take a very kindly view of what I am doing. It is not like I am competing with the firm, but he might not care.

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