Establishing a Dense Network of Keyword Associations

Soon after unleashing my new domains onto the web I was contacted by a SEO company in cape town, South Africa. On one hand I was taken back by the realization that SEO services have even established themselves in far away South Africa. As an American it’s sometimes jarring to our view of the world whenever our expectations of a nation or a people are shattered. On the other hand, they were offering competitive prices that put similar offers I had received to shame. It was only logical to give the business in South Africa a try before the others.

SEO is fairly simple. It’s a linear methodology applying the ‘Rules of Context’ into a associative framework to establish a healthy page rank within the scope of a search engine’s algorithm. This can be done by hand through the act of searching for specific information relating to the domain and associating the search with a keyword. Another tactic that is commonly used is the creation of backlinks which host bodies of content embedded with hyperlinks within the keywords themselves. The denser the network of keyword association, the higher the page rank. I’ve found that a combination of these two methods as well as utilizing social media is best.

Google prefers real world quantifiers. They seek out associations that can be affirmed by the presence of social media profiles. Active profiles are the best as the algorithm responds to genuine activity (that which is not created by bots) and will bolster the page rank of the domain associated with whatever keyword is being supplied by the user for their query. Google has done much in an attempt to improve the presence of genuine websites for their search results but in the process they have inevitably censored many websites under their erroneously assumptions that one website is more genuine than another.

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