Going to Move out of the Dorms Soon

I have until after the semester ends and then I am going to have to start looking for a new place to stay. They make you stay in the dorms when you are a freshman. I guess I could have drawn a much worse guy to share a room with, but I just can not get used to having him around all of the time. I like to have a little privacy and of course that is not really very likely. I have to worry about other stuff, like for example the Centurylink internet availability in a place. I do not care about whether or not they are the one providing the internet in theory, but I do know someone who can get me a discount from them and so that is a reason why I would look at them. I can not really think about some fifty dollar a month internet deal though and I am wondering if I might be able to squeeze through with a smaller amount of bandwidth.

From what I can tell a lot of the buildings you can rent a room in have free wi fi in the lobby. Of course there are always going to be a lot of broke people down there using it. Paying for internet and those sorts of things is a big deal when you do not have a job or when you have the sort of job I do. I work about twenty five hours per week on the campus, and the hourly rate is very low. It is enough for me to do the stuff I need to do and that is about all. Once I start to pay rent on a place it is going to be very little, so I shall have to save money every place I can.

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