I Changed My Mind About Manicures

The funniest thing happened to me last week. My girlfriend went to a spa for manicure service in Singapore. I was going to stay at home while she was there, but she wanted me to come along with her and get one done. I didn’t want to go, because it seemed like something that only women would do. She told me that guys get manicures all the time, which I really didn’t believe. I’ve never seen a man openly admit to getting a manicure from a spa. I eventually caved and decided to come along with her for the manicure.

As I walked into the spa, I thought that the workers would be surprised to see a male customer come in for a manicure, but they told me the same thing that my girlfriend told me, which was that men come in all the time for manicures. I still didn’t believe them, just like I didn’t believe my girlfriend. As I sat down in the chair and watched the workers manicure my nails, it started to feel good. It was relaxing in a way that I didn’t expect. In a way, it was like a full body massage just for my hands.

By the time the manicure was done, I liked how my nails looked. I asked my girlfriend if we could stay for a pedicures, and she chuckled and agreed. To think I had been avoiding going to the spa for manicures and pedicures for so long when I could have been getting my nails treated this entire time. I bet there are a lot of other men like me who don’t want to go because they didn’t feel it isn’t very masculine, but they’re missing out on a good treat. It’s something that everyone should try at least once.

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