Sam the Horse and Our Little Girl

It’s never just a horse. What do I mean about that? Well, it is kind of self-explanatory if you own a horse. It is real self-explanatory if you own a horse that really belongs to your young daughter. We were parents who actually took the, “Can I have a pony” wish to heart. Our little girl had to wait until she was big enough to ride, and then she fell in love with a horse named Sam. He is a gentle horse who our little girl rides in competitions wearing the fancy childrens horse riding clothes, even the little hat and boots.

Sam is a great horse, and we all think he is great. So much so that we make sure he has the nicest paddock at the stable, the best food, all the latest horse wear and gear and a top-notch vet and farrier. See, it’s never just a horse. These majestic creatures need an entire support system to maintain them. They live a long time, and they are so smart too. You wrong a horse, and it will remember like an elephant does. They also are very keen in picking up on people’s personalities. Sam knew he loved our little girl from the moment they met. He has been gentle and even protective of her ever since the first day. When we ride trails he is mindful she is on his back and is very careful around low branches.

Sam is alert and steers her away from danger even if she wants him to go toward it. He does not rear or make a fuss. He will just go around the danger. I knew horses were smart, but Sam takes this to a whole new level. I have a silent agreement with him. As long as he protects our little girl, he can have whatever he wants, and that is why I bring him fresh carrots and apples.

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