Trying to Buy Some Ads to Get Traffic to My Site

I been looking into getting some more traffic into one of my sites and I been working hard in getting more people to it. So far I done all the free things I could think of such as targeted keywords, social media sites, and word of mouth. My site has been doing good but I wanted it to get a lot more people from others spots. The I heard about solo ads. When I saw that I thought where to buy solos? That is what people who do this a lot call the term when buying solo ads. The call them solos. I think it’s weird but hey whatever works right?

I looked into it more cause I was not sure how this system actually worked. It seems certain people have made lists with people that they contact and spread the word about what you do. Usually most people that get into buying these solo ads are people who are trying to sell stuff. That’s cool and that would be neat for my site as well since I make some money out of affiliate sells.

I thought I should try this out with one of the more prominent people who sell solo ads. I saw there was one for Heather and she seemed like she nurture a very good list that was ready to go. It seem all I needed to do is pick a date and my ad would be set to go to all the people she has in her network.

I tried it out and I was pretty astounded by the results. A lot of people went to my site and some people even used the affiliate links to buy stuff! Not bad! I hope they would the users who came to my site return but that is for another time. If you are thinking about using some solo ads I say try it out. Doesn’t hurt to try.

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