Women’s Intuiton and Home Security

I wasn’t sure about having Austin Texas ADT Security, but my wife insisted on having it installed. We were newlyweds moving into our first home, and my wife didn’t trust anyone in the neighborhood yet. She was sure that someone see us as a new target to rob, and that our home would be broken into before we even had a chance to settle in. I thought she was being crazy, but eventually her persuasive manner got to me, and I agreed to have the system installed. Although my wife’s prediction about our home being broken into so soon wasn’t correct, we eventually did face some trouble.

Nearly a year after my wife and I moved into our home, someone tried to break through the front door. It started with a slow tapping, and then progressed into loud thumps, followed by the culprit shouting to open the door or else he would tear it down. The door features two deadbolts, so the chances of the culprit getting in were slim to none, but we were still worried about what might happen. I pulled a baseball bat from the closet and my wife got a stun gun from her purse, and we prepared for the worst. I ran to the security system control panel and pressed the button to sound the alarm.

As the alarm let out a loud sound, the culprit stopped banging on the door. The security company called our home and asked if everything was fine, and I told them about the culprit. The company dispatched the police to our home and we told them all about our experience. A few days later, my wife and I learned that the person banging on the door was nothing more than a drunk man who live a few streets away. Apparently he had been wandering around, trying to find his way home.

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