Work Hard and Never Give Up

My son always likes to keep trying, even when the odds are against him. I remember once that I bought him a cube puzzle and he worked on it all day and night for weeks until he was able to solve it. When he started physics in school, he wasn’t very good at it, but he kept trying. From every bad grade that he would get, I could see him getting frustrated, but he didn’t want to quit. I told my son that it may be a good idea to get some help from the Bukit Timah tuition centre.

My son agreed and I hired a tutor for him. On the first day, he was ready for the tutor to start explaining everything. The tutor told me that he had never seen anyone as enthusiastic about learning as my soon. Usually the other kids don’t want to be there and will sulk and sigh until they finally come around, but my son was at full attention and wrote down everything that the tutor was saying. His determined spirit is one of his best traits, and it will get him far in life. Once the tutoring session was done, my son would come home and look at the physics book some more. I’ve even seen him fall asleep in it.

Through the combined efforts of the tutor and my son, his grades went up. He’s learned so much about physics that I think he could probably teach some of the other students. The physics teacher was very impressed with the progress he’s made. He’s crammed a lot of information into his brain over the year. I wonder if he’ll remember a lot of it when he’s an old man like me with kids of his own. I hope his kids inherit his determination.

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