Working on the Band’s New Site

Owain and Lou came by this afternoon and talked me in to building them a new web page. I made the one they have now when they were in high school with me. I was 17 years old and I did not have much experience or ability as a web designer. I did not even know the two of them were still making music. In truth I thought they sucked when I last heard them. The two of them have apparently been at NC State the past couple of years, working on their music and studying. They buy datpiff downloads to promote themselves on the web I guess. I did not really understand that, it did not make a lot of sense to me. At any rate the two of them are not awful any more. I listened to their mix tapes, they were excited about the new ones and wanted to re tool the web page for a new push.

Apparently they have been playing a lot of parties in Raleigh (Where NC State is), Chapel Hill ( where UNC Chapel Hill is located) and Durham where you have Duke University. They want to not look like they are just a wolf pack band, although they are not going to deny that they go to NC State. In fact Owain makes an odd rapper since when you talk to him in person he acts like a computer nerd and talks about that sort of odd stuff. It is not what you rap about, but I was telling him that there is no reason you could not rap about network security. Of course I wonder why he needs my help with a web page, but the truth is that I am not bad at this now and I have done a couple of similar sites.

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